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Organic Indoor Garden – Best Choice Review

organic indoor garden starter kit

ORGANIC INDOOR GARDEN KIT Click and Grow Smart Garden Review   Why we like this Click and Grow Smart Garden Kit: We like this product because it’s innovative and makes growing herbs and small veggies virtually impossible to screw up! Let’s face it, growing an organic indoor garden sounds amazing and oh so healthy. But […]

Fun Easter Facts – We Bet You Didn’t Know

Fun Easter Facts

Easter History Facts   For many people of the Christian faith, Easter is the most important holiday of the year. It is the culmination of the religious season of Lent and the day on which Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. In addition to its religious importance, Easter is also a popular secular holiday, thanks […]


Gift giving people

What is Gift Giving and How Does the 5 Love Languages Apply?   Well, quite simply it’s giving gifts, but gifts that show that you know, understand and appreciate somebody. This quick article is about giving gifts to “gift people” or people who’s love language is gift giving. I wrote a blog post about all […]

Easter Gifts and Fun Ideas

easter gifts

Easter Gifts and Fun Ideas Spring has finally sprouted! With the excitement of a warmer climate and spending more time outdoors, spring break and Easter await you. Traditionally, Easter is an extraordinary celebration for Christians. It is time to celebrate and thank the resurrection of Jesus. However, over time this holiday has taken on different […]

Unique and Creative Gift Giving

creative gifts

Unique and Creative Gift Giving If you’re looking to Escape the status quo and find creative ways to give a gift as well as some DIY gift ideas, then keep reading! The list we have compiled below should get those creative juices flowing and leave the recipient in awe! When approaching a birthday, holiday or special […]