The best game night includes the most unique games! There is a lot to choose from when it comes to fun games, so we’ve put together this list of 12 Unique Games for Game Night.

If you enjoy spending time with your friends and family, maybe you attend a game night on a regular basis with them.  Have you thought about the next cool gift for the host of these game nights but haven´t found something by now? If that´s the case then this article, 12 Unique Games for Game Night will help guide you to find the perfect game for the next fun game night! 

We love to play board games at home with the family but also with our friends during the warm seasons as we are visiting more often in spring and summer time. My wife is a huge fan of great board games so she was excited to review which board games are really worth the money and bring fun and joy for the players. Let us have a look at the 12 Unique Games we selected.



Cards Against Humanity – Fun Card Game

Cards against humanity is a pretty simple card game where the one person is pulling one black card with a question on it and the other players are giving their most funny answers which they have on the white cards. The creators of this unique game are calling this “an amazing game for horrible people” but it can be really fun for great people too! Haha! I guess as game creators you have to have a great sense of humor as this game has no lack of humor!  The newest version comes with 500 white cards (answer cards) and 100 black cards (questions cards). The booklet includes the game´s rules and everything you need to know to start the game. This game is for adults as the humor can be inappropriate at times. The more people playing, the funnier it is. We’ve played with just 4 people before and it is fun, but after a while, it did become a bit boring. However, in a large group, the laughs just keep coming. This is a card game that doesn’t require a table or writing, so this game night could even be while everyone was sitting around a campfire! There is not a lot of structure to this game so it makes it a great “board game” for game night, as most adults tend to lose the ability to focus on details of rules as the night progresses if you know what I mean. This game is a whopping 5 start rating on Amazon with over 30,000 reviews!

You can have a look at the Cards Against Humanity Game HERE


What do you Meme? Party Game – Game Night Game

Let´s start by telling you that this is not a game for the whole family. This is another adults-only game and we agree as the humor tends to be mostly adult humor. One of our picks for a fun adult game night!

The rules again are very simple and after understanding them, this board game is an amazing chillout time game that comes along with a lot of laughter and even more fun. The “judge” is the one who first picks a card with a picture of a meme on it. Then all the other players are anonymously passing in a caption card. The person who is the “judge” reads all the options and decides which is the best caption card for his meme card. The person who put in the caption card that got chosen by the judge, wins the round. Everyone rotates during the game so everyone becomes the “judge” at one point during the game. It is a fun game and you will definitely laugh a lot while playing.  There is a little bit of writing here, however, we found that if we were sitting at a campfire, or in chairs in the yard, we could still easily play this. The rules are simple and do not require a lot of focus in order to catch on and play properly!

You can have a look at the What do you Meme? Party Game HERE


Codenames – Card Game For Game Night

We first played Codenames a couple of weeks ago at our friend’s house. I personally didn´t know the game so I was excited to try it. 5×5 cards are placed on the table (25 cards) and you create 2 teams. The red team and the blue team. Then you also have the spymaster and also field operators. This game looks easy in the beginning but it can be really tough but also a lot of fun while playing it.  It’s a little difficult to explain fully so we found a good game review which you could read if you want more details about this game.  This game is listed for ages 14 and up, we thought it was appropriate for everyone so long as they could follow the instructions because its more of a mystery and problem-solving game. Now this game does have more details to do it and there is more engagement as far as focused time with this game. Probably best to start this game at the beginning of your game night, before everyone loses their ability to focus! Haha!!

You can have a look at the Codenames HERE


These Cards Will Get You Drunk – Adult Game Night Game

Cards that get me drunk? As you can tell from the name of this unique game, this is another one for adults and yes, it is also a drinking game. The rule is that you draw a card and you do as the card says, or you drink. Kind of like the old truth or dare game and drinking is your punishment.  Up to 8 people can play the game so make sure you have enough sleeping places where ever you play it because chances are high that some of you may not be able to drive home anymore. The game is broken up in 3 distinct categories and with 100 cards you have a lot of possibilities to drink instead of doing what the card wants you to do.

You can have a look at These cards will get you drunk HERE


Exploding Kittens – Game Night Card Game

If you don´t know this board game then the title might sound a little bit weird to you. At least that was how it felt for me when I first heard about it. On the game, you can read that it is a game for people who like kittens and explosions, haha!  It is kind of a Russian Roulette game that includes kittens. All the players draw cards until one draws the exploding kitten card and loses the game. With every card drawn the game gets more intense because fewer cards are left on the deck and chances are high that you draw the next exploding kitten card and you lose. It can be a fun game for the whole family on game night. This game is best played at a table since everyone needs to see the cards being played and laid. Our kids loved this game and the rules are pretty simple to understand.

You can have a look at the Exploding Kittens Game HERE


Sequence Game – Board Game

Sequence has been around for a long time. There is no flashy box or bells and whistles, but let me tell you…This game is fun for hours with all ages.  I personally love this game and so do our kids.  This game is a board and a card game that you’ll need a flat surface to play on. Not a campfire game that’s for certain. The game board is pretty large, when you unfold the board you’ll see all the regular cards from a standard deck of cards.  There will be two (2) standard 52-card decks, laid in a 10 x 10 pattern. The players are in competition with each other trying to create rows, columns or diagonals of 5 connected spaces by drawing cards (included) you place your chips on the match card on the board. You need to reach a specified number of connections before the game ends.  It’s really fun and very addicting. It’s like Connect Four meets Tic Tac Toe meets Go Fish but more challenging! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

You can have a look at the Sequence Game HERE



Monopoly: Fortnite Edition – Gamers Game Night

Yes, I know, I know, Monopoly is not new, But what is new is the Fortnite Edition. Monopoly is notorious for coming out with different editions and variations on this game. For some of us, we just love the classic Monopoly, but with this generation of kids, this spin on the classic is a winner!  For all of you who have kids, I bet you’ve heard about Fortnite 1000 times! The Fortnite hype is really crazy and more and more people are playing it on their electronic devices. This board game here is a good idea if you want to spend more quality time with your kids, this board game is a good option to bring them together on a table. The rules are the regular monopoly rules but players claim locations, battle their opponents, and avoid the Storm to survive.

You can have a look at the Monopoly Fortnite Edition HERE


Secret Hitler – Controversial Game 

Is there a little bad dictator in you? With this game, you can find out a lot about yourself and the other players around you. To win the game the players need to be good at lying and deception in order to win. We think that it is a very controversial game and the name makes it a little bit uncomfortable to reach out to it. After playing I can confirm that it is kind of a dramatic game with a lot of political intrigue and betrayal. This game should be played by adults only (for obvious reasons) so a good one to use for a game night with friends and family. I know it sounds crazy but this game is another 5 start rating on Amazon and with over 1k reviews. It’s worth checking out.

You can have a look at the Secret Hitler Game HERE


Unstable Unicorns – Card Game

The name of the game sound pretty cool and bubbly, don´t you think? Now this game will need a lot of your brain capacity as it is a strategic card game and if you like unicorns and destruction, this game is for you. In this game you build your unicorn army and you betray your friends. Some of the unicorns in the game have special powers and you keep collecting them to build your unicorn army as fast as you can.  You start with the base game and then can you add expansion kits for various things. You dont need the expansion kits but it can add extra fun to the game!

You can have a look at the Unstable Unicorns Game HERE


Relative Insanity – Card Game

Relative Insanity is a unique party game that has been played by the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray and some other Talk Masters. It is a card game about crazy situations and crazy things happening in life and it brings a lot of fun and laughter to the table. The game comes along with 2 sets of cards and a proper explanation of the game rules.

We’ve also included the video from Youtube of Jimmy Fallon talking about this game on his show.



You can have a look at the Relative Insanity Game HERE



Snake Oil – The Most Unique Game For Game Night

Snake Oil is by far my favorite game on this entire list. It’s great for ages probably 8 and up. It’s not inappropriate unless the players make it, so this can be adjusted when kids are playing. There are two sets of cards. One set will have characters that a player will take turn being, such as A teacher, A funeral director, A pregnant woman, A homeless person and so on. Another set is random items and phrases. Every player will receive 7 cards which they keep hidden from other players. Each round one player will select a random card and that is the character they will assume for the round.  You go around the table and the other players will create a product or item by using just 2 cards from their hand. Then they will do a sales pitch to the character about why they would want this amazing item. After each player gives their sales pitch, the character will select which person was the most persuasive and the item they want the most. That person is the winner of the round.

This game is so hilarious listening to everyone using their imagination and their sales skills! I especially love playing with kids because they get so creative and just so cool to watch! This game can be played outside at the beach, pool or around the campfire, really anywhere. You don’t really need a flat surface to play but you will have a hand of cards at all times as well as a discard pile.

Check out the Snake Oil Game HERE




Catan – Board Game

The last board game on our 12 Unique Games for Game Night list is Catan. We know that this is not a very new game but still it is one of our favorites. In the Catan game, you build instead of destroying and you trade instead of stealing. Sure you want to be the dominant force within the game but still, we think it is more educational than other board games. Players want to get resources cards to build up their civilization to get to 10 victory points and win the game.  There are some games similar to this you can play on your phone, but this is more interactive as the players are right there with you. If you’re competitive, this is a unique game to try out for your next game night!

You can have a look at the Catan Game HERE

Well, that about wraps up our article 12 Unique Games For Game Night but also, some great ideas for gifts for game lovers! Really hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully have begun planning your next game night!

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