Do you have friends that are real outdoor lovers but when their birthday comes up you ask yourself what outdoor gifts can I get for them? Well, we have been in that situation very often as we have friends who love outdoor activities. We created this article about 13 unique gift ideas for outdoor lovers to make your decision a little bit easier. We thought about the several conversations we had with our outdoor loving friends and tried to remind ourselves about all the amazing products we talked about. We hope this article will give you some outdoor gift ideas and find a nice pick.

It is not so easy to put the list together about the 13 Unique Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers. There are so many nice products on the market but we tried to find some good picks for different outdoor activities. Now let´s have a look at some unique gift ideas for those outdoor lovers you know!


YETI Stainless Stee Mug For Outdoor Lovers

A mug is a great gift for outdoor lovers? That was my first question when we talked about what a unique gift could be. And yes, this mug is amazing and a must have for people who are spending a lot of time outdoors. It is not a simple mug that you use on the breakfast table, it is a professional, well designed outdoor camp mug that does a really great job when it is in use. It is not heavier than your regular coffee mug but it is a little bit smaller.
The mug has a full-loop Triple Grip Handle is comfortable for wider hands and it has a double-wall vacuum insulation which keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. It is dishwasher safe and has a Duracoat color which means no scratching, peeling, or fading of the color you choose.
It is not the cheapest outdoor mug on the market but it is a great product and worth the money. Yeti is well-known brand that is built for the rugged outdoors. Any outdoor lover will recognize the YETI name instantly and know that it is quality!! They also make coolers and a variety of different thermos, cans, and travel mugs.

You can have a look at the YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug with Lid HERE.



Running Socks

What? Socks are not a unique gift. Yes and no. Usually, we would agree and say no, socks are not a unique gift. But these No-Show Running socks are and here’s why they made our list of unique gift ideas for outdoor lovers.  The manufacturer claims that the socks provide comfort and performance during extended training and activity. I ordered a pair of these for myself and I have to admit that I really love them. They are really comfortable and it feels like my feet are getting more air compared to other socks I wear. The material wicks moisture away from the skin. And for those of you who live an active lifestyle, you know the importance of socks.  You wouldn’t go skiing with cotton socks, you would purchase wool socks. Same with outdoor lovers, there is a serious difference when it comes to socks that are designed for outdoor activities. An amazing pair of socks is something that any outdoor lover can and will appreciate. In the beginning, we did not think about including socks into our list of the 13 Unique Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers, but these socks made it.

You can have a look at the Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks for Men and Women HERE



Ski/Snowboard Goggles

Let us have a look at a product that was created for people who are into winter sports. The WildHorn Outfitters Roca Ski Goggles & Snowboard Goggles is an amazing product. If you are a snowboarder on the mountain you can use these goggles in any situation. No matter if the weather is sunny or cloudy. You can change the lens of these glasses in under 60 seconds. The glasses are designed with six rare earth N45 magnets and an integrated clip locking system. The Roca semi-frameless snowboarding goggles were meticulously designed in Utah, home of the greatest snow on earth. The Anti-Scratch coating allows you to see the terrain in any light condition without distortion while also protecting your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays. We can recommend these goggles if you are doing winter sports and you are a lot on the mountain.

You can have a look at the WildHorn Outfitters Roca Ski Goggles & Snowboard Goggles HERE



LED Lantern Flashlight

If you’ve ever spent a night outdoors and the night comes, you know the importance of reliable light. We ordered this LED Camping Lantern Flashlight 2 weeks ago as we are planning to go hiking with our outdoor loving friends!  The item arrived 2 days after we ordered it and it looks good. The manufacturer promises long-time durability, no matter where you go. We will keep you posted about that. The lamp is extremely lightweight and allows you to take your lantern on the go with ease. The LED´s are super bright and the lamp includes 30 individual low powered LED bulbs, designed for a longer lifespan. The energy consumption is very low and you can use the lamp for up to 12 hours.

You can have a look at the Etekcity CL10 Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlight HERE



Quick Drying Water Shoes

This next gift idea for outdoor lovers is one we think is pretty great! These shoes are really a must have if you are in an area with lakes and rivers. The shoes are really comfortable, the price is affordable and the quality is great. The shoes also look very good and are offered in several different colors. We especially love how the style is much different the typical “water shoes”. They have a rubber sole for a good grip on any surface and the Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe. The Open mesh on the upper and hole on the sole provides for superior breathability and quick drying. These shoes are very light and very comfortable to walk in while they are providing a good grip, even when you are walking through water. They can easily transition from hiking to water and back to hiking. Two thumbs up from us!

You can have a look at the ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes HERE



MCTi Ski Gloves

Here we have another outdoor gift idea for those who love winter sports. The MCTi Ski Gloves are made of a Thinsulate Warmth and Waterproof Insert. The waterproof TPU insert wick away moisture and help hands stay warm and dry in exercise and play. If you are using your mobile phone for selfies while you are on top of the mountain you do that as these gloves include touchscreen fingers. The package includes gloves holder wristbands and they are available in different colors to match your snowboarding outfit. We think this makes a unique outdoor gift because finding a really good pair of gloves is a necessity for any winter sport or else your just plain miserable with cold hands!

You can have a look at the MCTi Ski Gloves HERE



Microfiber Towel

This is a product for any time of the year. This towel is very light and offers a bunch of benefits. You can use it for swimming sports, for the beach and it is also the perfect towel when you travel. It dries very fast, it is super absorbent and very easy to pack. It is offered in several different colors and in our eyes, it is the best towel to take with you when you are going out for some activities or even when you go for a walk at the beach or at a lake. The microfiber towel comes with a nice designed travel bag and it is very skin friendly. We were first introduced to this microfiber towel from our friends who are avid swimmers. At first glance, you would not be able to believe that this towel could actually absorb water, but let me tell you, this is the most amazing towel!! The best part is how quickly it dries! Fantastic gift idea for outdoor lovers or water lovers too!

You can have a look at the Rainleaf Microfiber Towel HERE


Tactical Knife

Now let us have a look at a product which you should definately handle with care. The Tac-Force Tactical Knife is a spring assist folding knife which offers rapid one-handed deployment. You should not find yourself in a situation where this feature is needed, but you never know. When the knife is closed it locks securely into place with the liner lock. The aluminum handle includes a bottle opener so you can also use it a gadget on a barbecue. The knife is well designed and the blade is sharp. The pocket clip makes it easy to carry and it also includes a glass breaker for emergency situations.  We also like the unique color of this knife!

You can have a look at the Tac-Force Tactical Spring Assisted Knife HERE



An Awesome Tent for the Outdoor Lover

When it comes to outdoor activities it happens that people want to spend the night outdoors. So instead of sleeping just in a sleeping bag under the sky you should think about, what happens if it rains? Now here is the solution. The Coleman Dome Tent is a 4 people tent and has enough space inside to move comfortably. It is easy to set up and everyone is able to build this tent within 15 minutes. The manufacturer delivers the tent with the WeatherTec system and with the welded floors and inverted seams the inside of the tent stays dry. We didn´t order this tent by now but it is on our shopping list for our next camping trip. One of the things we noticed with the reviews is that putting this tent up doesn’t require an engineering degree! It is super simple which gets your shelter set up so you can enjoy the bonfire faster!

You can have a look at the Coleman Dome Tent HERE



Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

This is not a regular sleeping bag but we decided to put this on our list for the best unique gifts for outdoor lovers as it can be very handy to have this as a backup sleeping bag. Maybe for yourself when your own sleeping bag is not working or also for a guest that decides to join the trip spontanously. This survival sleeping bag is very small and comes with a bivy sack with a portable drawstring bag. It is very light as well and can also be used an an emergency blanket. It has amazing reviews and while we are writing this article we ordered 2 pieces as we want to have them our first aid bag.

You can have a look at the Delmera Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag HERE



Full Face Snorkel Mask

Now ladies and gents, this is a product that we love. I treid this mask and I got myself one the same day. It makes snorkeling such an amazing experience. It is a Full face snorkel masks and it is designed for leisure surface snorkeling. It provides a 180 Degree large viewing area and makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose when snorkeling. You can get lost in the beauty of the ocean without having to swallow salt water or being focused on your breathing the whole time. It stops salt water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging and no leak. If you love to snorkel, you will love this mask. My kids love these masks in the pool too. It’s easy to adjust, seals great around the face and allows you to breathe so much more comfortable.

You can have a look at the Adepoy Full Face Snorkel Mask HERE



Sleeping Pad

If you ever slept in a sleeping bag in the woods you know exactly how hard the surface can be. Now finally, a solution. The IForrest sleeping pad was designed for your best comfort. It is a compact and light air mat to carry around wherever you go. The IForrest sleeping pad includes armrests and it is suitable for tents, cot hammocks, and pool floats. Easy to set up, it provides additional padding for sleeping on those hard surfaces without needing to bring your bed camping with you.

You can have a look at the IFORREST Sleeping Pad HERE



That was our list for the 13 Unique Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

We hope you enjoy reading our reviews and we wish you the best in luck in finding your unique product. If you are also into gardening, read our latest article about the organic indoor garden kit.

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