Easter Gifts and Fun Ideas

Spring has finally sprouted! With the excitement of a warmer climate and spending more time outdoors,
spring break and Easter await you. Traditionally, Easter is an extraordinary celebration for Christians. It is time to celebrate and thank the resurrection of Jesus. However, over time this holiday has taken on different meanings for everyone. For some, its just a reason to celebrate springtime, ending the winter season and school will be out soon. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this day, it can be very special for people of all ages and especially for children, as it is customary to offer them gifts that day.

Are you considering entertaining the family, looking to create lasting memories for your children? Do not worry, because I’ve put together some great ideas to make family fun enjoyable for everyone. Some of these ideas sound pretty typical, but keep reading as you may find some new ideas or a unique twist on the traditional events!

Easter Fun for Everyone

Sharing Easter Cards: Take a look at the magazines and cut out beautiful spring photos of rabbits and
tulips. Draw a rabbit on a cardboard and cut it out to use it as a template. Let the children decorate the rabbit with paint, markers, pencils, stickers, glitter, cotton balls and magazine photos. Write your message on the other side or stick it on a folded construction paper to make it a more traditional card.

*Here is the fun part*

  • Have everyone in the family sign this card
  • Hop over to your neighbor’s house and leave at their door with instructions to create their own card.
  • One they create their own card they will then pass their card onto the next neighbor’s door. This can get really fun if you live in a subdivision, apartment complex or homes closer together.
  • Make sure you start this early enough so many people can participate.

Organize your own search for Easter eggs: it is very fun to organize a search for Easter eggs for children. Depending on the weather, this can be done indoors or outdoors, just be a little creative! Write ten clues, each of which leads from one place to another, and do not forget to give them a clue to go to the first hiding place. Do not make clues too difficult, remember to take into account the age of the children involved in the hunt. Each hiding place could contain the next clue and a plastic egg filled with a small toy, small chocolate or candy of course. Make sure the last piece takes you to the main prize, like your Easter basket.

*Make it more fun by creating fun tracks and giving away all the baskets for the children who are left with all their prizes. Ask your children to invite friends or present a larger outdoor version for all the neighboring children. Even adults can participate.

Organize a family picnic: prepare a picnic and a spoonful or a frisbee, then head to a park, playground or your local garden to enjoy a simple and traditional fun. Take many pictures in the afternoon and other Easter/ Spring festivities and create an album so you can remember your family forever. Maybe use a disposable camera and leave cell phones at home!

Play the rabbit tail: make a large picture of a rabbit on a card and attach it to a wall or the back of the door. Get some cotton balls and put a piece of tape or double-sided glue. Blindfold each member of the family, turn them over and let them stick their tails to where they think it should be on the rabbit poster. Distribute the chocolate eggs as a reward for the closest one.

Write a story: Involve the whole family by creating a story of spring or Easter together. Create an opening phrase, then rotate it to provide the next sentence in the story. Write all this and create a book that you can illustrate together. Read the story to the whole family at the Easter dinner and perhaps let each guest sign the book and write a comment explaining how much he enjoyed the story.

No matter how you decide to take your time, try not to feel overwhelmed during the holidays. Enjoy every precious moment with the people you love. Time passes very fast, stop and enjoy these memories you create for your children.


Distinctive And Stylish Easter Gift Ideas

The exchange of gifts is an important part of the Easter celebrations and is anticipated by all. Easter also
marks the arrival of spring, so give your friends and family gifts that will resonate with this holiday. While
chocolates and sweets are a popular Easter gift, stay away from tradition and offer something unique. Here are some unique Easter gift ideas that will help you make your choice.

Easter Gift Baskets

Choosing Easter gifts like gift baskets is a great way to celebrate the holiday. You can organize the basket
according to a particular theme or form. Before choosing the basket, it is essential to take into account the
interests of the recipient. For sports fans, fill the cart with sports magazines or with a one-year subscription to the favorite sports magazine, a shirt with the team’s favorite logo, balls, a racket, and a face towel. For those who love cooking, place a rabbit shaker and pepper shaker, measuring cups and measuring spoons, and the latest cookbook in a metal basket for a contemporary look. Wrap the gift basket with traditional cellophane and finish with a decorative bow.

Garden Gifts

For one of the most elegant and unique Easter gift ideas, offer an elegant and contemporary centerpiece with flowers and other garden gifts. To begin:

  • Take an elegant porcelain cake stand, punch bowl or large bowl-like vase.
  • Use white carnations to fill the bowl with.
  • Place the eggs painted in yellow in the center or all around it as creatively as you like. This will create a really beautiful palette of white and yellow colors. Perfect for Easter

Another option:

  • If the recipient has a completely white decoration, opt for a combination tulips with the eggs
  • Simply fill a glass vase with eggs and place the tulips strategically in the center to obtain a playful and modern centerpiece.

Modern Easter Decoration

If the recipient is someone who entertains often, giving a contemporary Easter decoration is a good idea. Consider giving Easter gifts in the form of colorful egg-shaped candles that will help illuminate a beautiful display or table. An artistically decorated crown with a collection of eggs, berries and pastel vines creates a fresh and interesting idea of ?? Easter decoration that will offer a wonderful welcome to the guests.  An artistically wrought iron chandelier representing a rabbit and a bird looks ideal in a modern home. If the recipient prefers a discreet but elegant decoration, offer a mini nest made of dried herbs and flowers, with metallic eggs.  With these unique Easter gift ideas, you can easily create something original as a gift.

Easter Gifts for Kids

The following guide will help you find the best gifts to delight children.

Easter Bunny Basket

A basket of distinguished and well-made rabbits is an excellent gift idea for children. This will greatly
surprise a child and is the best way to express their feelings. You can take advantage of your own creative skills to make a basket. Use ribbons, flowers, and bright colors to make it more charming and beautiful. Use bright reflections largely in the basket. No Easter basket would be complete without delicious sweets, chocolate eggs, and other goodies. Place lots of sweets and chocolates in the basket.

Easter Chocolate Box

We all know that they love chocolates for children, regardless of their age. It can also be a great idea for a
gift for Easter; It will be like a chocolate party for them. Make a box of chocolate candies and put different
types of chocolates, such as dark chocolate, creamy chocolate, and caramel. You can also add cookies with chocolate chips and cookies with milk in the box. Place all the chocolates in a colorful box and wrap them with colorful wrapping paper. You can also attach a small note in the box that indicates the best or best wishes.  It’s cool because this is a customized chocolate box rather than store bought. Even better, is that you can create multiple gifts for several people for a much lower cost than just purchasing a box of chocolates. 

Easter Art Supplies

Easter art items can be a good idea if you want to offer something unique to your children on this special
day. Design a complete art box that includes all things. You could use a hard sided cooler, a fishing tackel box or even a cardboard box covered with Easter wrapping paper. A complete art box should contain all the essential supplies that can be part of the technique, such as paints, crayons, stickers and other smart tools. You should be able to pick up a large assortment of these goodies from the dollar store too. However, if you want good quality, head to the craft store instead.  This can also be a very useful gift for them, as they can be entertained during weekends and holidays. It can also be a gift that will be remembered because it will be with them for a longer period and they could adhere to it.

Easter Eggs

There is a deep relationship between Easter and eggs. They have an integral relationship because the egg represents the symbol of fertility and the beginning of a new life. There are also some sweet dishes from eggs. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking and baking, then consider a recipe that involves eggs? Who doesn’t love food?  Therefore, this can also be a valuable gift.

Stuffed Easter Bunnies

Finally, children love their stuffed animals, especially rabbits. They fall in love easily to their stuffed toys. Always keeping them around and playing with them. Tall bunny will be a great option to give, as they will probably be with them until they grow up. It will magnify your happiness on this great day.