Unique and Creative Gift Giving

If you’re looking to Escape the status quo and find creative ways to give a gift as well as some DIY gift ideas, then keep reading! The list we have compiled below should get those creative juices flowing and leave the recipient in awe!

When approaching a birthday, holiday or special event,  the question begins to arise, what gift should I give?  Giving a gift is not always one of the easiest tasks in the world. However, it should be fun, right?  Tis better to give than to receive, well, that’s how the saying goes anyway.  This is why we often want to get away from the traditional gift giving ideas and shake things up a bit. To set aside the conventional, we have created a list of the best creative gift ideas to surprise and escape from the obvious.

If you need to give someone a gift soon, see below for all the tips to get it right! From home decor to
personal use items to DIY gift ideas, our gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift and even some creative ways to present it.

Spa Flower Bath

The idea here is to provide a relaxing and invigorating day. The Flower Bath is a creative and unique gift idea and it’s a DIY gift!  This is very simple and effective: prepare a basket containing herbs, such as lavender, eucalyptus or anything that is aromatic, rose petals and essential oils. Arrange the contents nicely in a basket, the idea is that most of the spa items will be poured directly into the bathtub.  The sensation of relaxation and renewal of energies, a true instant Spa. It’s a thoughtful gift and most certainly will be appreciated after a long day.

Garden Pot

Imagine a personalized, charming and at the same time sustainable, unique gift. That’s the creative gift idea of the Garden Pot. It’s a little garden created inside jars or glasses of different sizes
(small, medium and large), the idea is to personalize the garden with everything that they love and specific interests they have. That is, if they like to go biking, miniature bikes can be put on the pot… and so on. The idea is to create a beautiful DIY gift that is personal and unique. As a true ecosystem, use simple plants that do not need extra care like cleaning and maintaining glass, for example.

Photographs in Polaroid

How about surprising someone with gifts that revive the good moments of life? Specialized photo printing
shops do it in a very charming way: through personalized Polaroid Photographs where you can write phrases and import photos directly from the social networks. It’s all very practical and done online. You can still choose other print formats such as magnets and comic books. Creating a gift that is personalized can take some extra time, luckily there are so many different apps and services that can do this fairly quickly.

Lodging in a Luxury Cabin

Heres a creative gift idea, How about surprising and gifting someone with an incredible trip? If you’re the type of person who loves an adventure, you’ll love this new thing: Tour companies are investing more and more in this modality, and aside from the traditional rooms, they now have incredible glamor huts (Glamping). It is the right option for anyone who wants to enjoy nature in a lodging place totally different from the conventional one.

Barbecue Course

If there is a cuisine that has a special space in the hearts of most people, it is the barbecue. Reason for
socializing among friends, the barbecue combined with a cold beer makes the best meal on a weekend. If you know someone who loves cooking, why not give a course where they teach the tricks and practices of a good barbecue? There are several options available and is suitable for anyone from amateur to expert.

Gourmet Coffee Kit

Those in love with coffee know that there is nothing better than the undisputed flavor of the freshly prepared drink, right? The French Press is another unique gift and desire of many coffee worshipers.  A French coffee press allows the passage of flavor from the coffee that a typical filter retains. Create a DIY gift by making a Gourmet Coffee Kit that will include gourmet coffee and the French press to savor it. Throw in a bottle of Irish cream or even some Rum Chata for the adult spiked coffee!

Purple Rose Diamond Art Kit

This is a gift that will unite the whole family, create an incredible picture by gluing the small “diamonds” to
form the image of the screen. In addition to being fun, this activity calms and provides very pleasant hours
with loved ones. What we like most about this gift is that you don’t have to have artist skills to complete this and that its great for most ages! You can find this gift on Unique-Goods website for only $ 10.75.

USB Mini Drink Cooler

For those who like technology and can appreciate a cold drink, this unique gift idea is a USB mini-drink cooler. The item should be plugged into a USB power supply and can chill a can (beer, juice, soda) within minutes. So they can’t ever complain that they forgot to put the drink to chill. They have some that are portable for vehicles that will hold one can, and then there are some other options for a fridge that are a bit larger and not necessarily USB.

Relaxing massage for the future Mom

If the gift idea is for an expecting mother, a good choice is to give a gift that is a moment of rest and
relaxation, because after the baby is born the new routine will leave the new mother’s time tighter. And
among the ideas of creative gifts for expecting mothers, is a massage for her. This present will make her feel more relaxed and create a special moment! You can have fun with the way you give this gift, perhaps make it a total surprise or schedule this to do together, or even make an entire day out this at a day spa.  Who doesn’t love a spa day?

A Picnic Afternoon

Take you’re the loved one to a city park or a country setting, pick a beautiful place and surprise them with a picnic afternoon. If the location is a bit of a drive, then doing this kind of ride together will create lasting memories in its own. There are some nice picnic baskets you can purchase that include utensils, wine bottle holders and even corkscrews, or bottle openers.

Breakfast in Bed

A simple gesture can make all the difference. Want to surprise the loved one? Then prepare a delicious
breakfast for them and serve right in their bed. This creative gift idea is really sweet for the kids as well.  If you don’t live with the recipient, a good idea is to make a basket with coffee, pastries, and fruit and have it delivered in the morning. If the recipient does not live near you, there are other online services where you can order such a basket and have it delivered to their home.

Mini Mobile Keyboard

There are a lot of people who use cell phones to work nowadays. If you have noticed that your friend or boyfriend struggles to type on their device, how about gifting a Bluetooth keyboard for mobile devices? It’s not a super personal gift, but surely the gesture of even noticing this would be appreciated.

Surprise in The Car

Surprise your beloved with a party in an unusual place. If you have access to the location where they park the car, capture the keys for a few minutes and decorate the car like a birthday party, with balloons and streamers. They’ll love it. Seems a bit childish, but who doesn’t love a fun surprise like this? This DIY gift idea is one that can be used for virtually any kind of special event or celebration.

Real Four Leaf Clover Necklace

Show that you wish all the luck in the world for your loved one with this gorgeous four-leaf clover necklace, beautiful and delicate, this necklace is loaded with symbolism. You can find this accessory at the Unique-Goods online store for only $ 9.00. With this gift, you will certainly be very lucky in the relationship.

Several Small Gifts

Buy several small gifts and wrap them separately. You can have them open a package every hour, or even extend the celebration over a weekend or week.  You can hide the gifts and leave clues for them to find the gifts, create riddles or puzzles to solve in order to receive the next gift.  You can mark on the package the time each gift should be opened.

List of gratitude

One of the things that happen most with routine and day-to-day, is we often forget to thank the people who do so much for us. Even the small things add up to big things.  So why not take a day to thank your loved one for everything they do for you? They will appreciate this and feel VERY special!
Sit down with a paper and think of all the things you love about them and the things they contribute to your life in a positive way. Perhaps there are things they do that without those things, your life wouldn’t be the same.  Words of affirmation are much more powerful than we realize and when it’s followed up with an action, such as taking the time to acknowledge these things, this person is really going to feel important and appreciated by you.

Music Playlist or Dedicate a Song

It may sound kinda cheesy, but it’s a cute idea, especially if the loved one spends hours stuck in traffic before they get home. If you have a radio in your city that you can call or send messages to request music, you may surprise them by choosing a song and having the station do a shoot out! Another easy creative gift idea is to create a playlist for them. One source you can easily do this on is YouTube. You can do this for free and share that playlist via the link.

Water Fountain

When it comes to sleeping, some could use a little more help to catch those well needed Zzz’s.  You can create a unique gift of tranquility and zen for their bedroom with a simple tabletop water fountain. This gift would also be perfect for a home office or even at their desk at work. It’s simple, sweet and makes our list of gift giving ideas!

Peaceful Sleep Kit

Another cool and creative idea to ensure a relaxing sleep is to prepare a little sleep kit. Things you could include: an eye mask, a small pillow, slippers, essential oils, dried lavender flowers, and maybe even a mug with chamomile tea.

Fun and Personalized Pillows

Personalized pillows are super cool to use virtually anywhere to add some character. Customizing a pillow with photos, a name, zodiac sign, or even a nice quote they can relate to is a really sweet, unique gift.

Custom Mugs

Another cool idea for custom gifts is a coffee mug. A simpler gift, but that comes full of feeling and love. You can complement the gift by filling the mugs with candy or mints.

Movie Night

This suggestion is for anyone who loves watching movies or tv serious. Create a DIY gift by filling a basket or even popcorn bowl to include:  popcorn buckets and bags, drinking cups, candy boxes, a small throw blanket. You could also add a DVD or blu-ray of a favorite movie or if they have gone digital, perhaps a subscription to a movie streaming app such as Hula, Netflix or FandangoNow.

Seduction Games

This is for the intimate couples who are thinking of giving some spice in the relationship. There are board game options, love dice and more. For something more casual, there are question card games where you go back and forth asking questions, and then there is always the traditional truth or dare if you dare!

Handmade Gifts

Let me tell you something about handmade gifts. They may have gotten a bad rap in the past, think grandma’s Christmas sweaters, but the truth is, anything that is handmade is of special value to virtually everyone. The recipient knows this took some planning and thought and that alone is such a kind gesture that you really can’t go wrong with a handmade gift. Use your creativity to prepare a cool gift. Try to use your personal skills to create something that shows all your love and affection