Is This The Best Gift For World Travelers?


If you are looking for the best gift for world travelers, look no further, we got you covered!  This world travel map features each country that you can scratch off to reveal the name of the place you have visited. We think this is such a unique gift idea for the world traveler you know!  Let´s have a look at this amazing item.


What Is the Best Gift For World Travelers?

This is a World Travel Map, or better, a cartographic detail world map with all the states and all parts of the world. You can scratch off the places you have visited so you can put your focus on the places you haven´t seen and put them on your bucket list. The map is offered in different sizes. We recommend getting the largest size available as it is much more fun to see it big and also dream big where you want to travel. Kind of like a dream board! The larger the size, the larger the places you can scratch off and you can see the countries, states & cities. The map is very detailed and shows the terrain shading with all the country and state borders. After receiving the map, I was a bit surprised it felt like a good quality map, not some page from a children’s coloring book. We think it is an amazing gift for all world travel enthusiasts and we can highly recommend it.


Which Company Produces These Maps?

The company behind this great gift for world travelers is a company called Maps International. Maps International is a manufacturer of a variety of different maps. Their main goal is to produce the best wall maps available on the market. They create beautiful and geographically precise maps that inspire and encourage learning about the world. The company claims to be “the only shop where you can find the finest range of quality wall maps”, including their most popular world maps.


How Detailed is the World Travel Map?

In one sentence, the map is very detailed. The Scratch the World Travel Map utilizes rife materials-imprinted onto astounding silk acquirement paper with a sparkle covering. This provides the sumptuous hues an opportunity to radiate through as you scratch away the gold covering to uncover your travel history.


How to use This Scratch Off World Travel Map

Simply grab a coin and begin scratching! The layer of golden coating is simple to get remove with precise strokes to assure you’re solely removing the world you travel. You’re just seconds away from revealing the colorful map just under the gold surface.  I was pleased how clean the area was after scratching it off. I wasn’t sure if it would leave markings on the country or state or just look a bit dirty. But it’s beautiful enough to display on my wall.  After scratching off the gold, all the beautiful places you want to travel become visible and you can start planning your next trip.

I took the world travel map and bought a nice wall frame for this. I removed the glass from the front of the frame and placed it behind the map so that the glass became a hard surface underneath it. Then I mounted the frame on the wall in our living room for all to see. Because I placed the frame glass BEHIND the map instead of in front, this can be done with the frame so that the map is exposed.



Why we think that this map is the best gift for world travelers

There is not one reason, there are many. First of all this map is so much fun to use. You can see where you have been and also all the places you want to go to. It is so easy to keep track of your traveling activities if you are using this map. And is really inspiring and also adventurous to plan cool trips with your partner or buddy. It is amazing how easy and simple you can customize your journey and how cool it feels to display your travel progress to your friends and family. It is absolutely amazing to be able to connect the places with the memories you make during those trips and how you can easily display it.

You can have a look at the map HERE and also read some of the reviews before making your purchase. We really do like it and we can absolutely recommend it.


If you are curious about some world travel statistics, we recommend you to have a look at the website of the UN World Tourism Organization. It is really interesting to read about how many people are traveling the world each year and maybe you will get inspired to travel the world too!

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