The Best Gifts For Tech Lovers 

Ahhh, shopping for electronics in this technical world is quite the event. It can be overwhelming if you are looking to find a gift for someone who is a techie, especially if you are not.  We have a nephew who is the total techie and we became overwhelmed looking for a cool and unique gift for his 18th birthday. We reached out to his friends to find out what kind of tech items he doesn’t have in his collection. He has all sorts of headphones, gaming headsets and a lot of other items he is using for gaming. With the help of his awesome friends not only did we find something super cool for him, but we were also able to create a list of 10 Unique Gifts For ALL Tech Lovers! Keep reading to see what we found!

We hope this article will help you to find the right tech gift for your loved ones!


Smart Speaker

Well, let´s start with a product that we are sure most of you will know. It is the Echo Dot Smart Speaker with the sweet voice of Alexa. You may think that this product is not really a unique gift, but we can tell you that it is for those people who don´t own it by now. The echo dot is Amazon´s cute little speaker with Alexa voice assistant built in. The latest generation has an improved speaker and Alexa with its four-microphone array being able to hear you even in a noisy room. You can use the echo dot for your smart home control, for music playback, to listen to podcasts and playing radio stations, for setting your alarms and many more cool features. This would be a fantastic choice for a gift for tech lovers. If you haven´t tried the echo dot by now, maybe it´s about time to have a look at it.

You can have a look at the Echo Dot – Smart Speaker with Alexa HERE



Data Hub

What is the Anker 4-Port USB Data Hub? This item expands a single usb slot into several so you can connect up to 4 devices via usb to your computer or laptop. This is a great and simple gift for tech lovers. It has a lot of great reviews by now and it was one of the most recommended USB Data Hubs by the end of 2018. We own one at home and we never had a single issue with it. I use this for my laptop and I have my wireless mouse USB plugged in here, I can charge my laptop and my phone right from this port. Not to mention if I want to add USB directly to my Computer monitor or TV USB, it can mirror my laptop screen. It’s really fantastic.

All devices are properly connected and all are working great on this little hub. The design is nice and it is very small and thin compared to similar devices. This makes it easy to transport right in a laptop bag, a purse or heck even in your pocket! Last time we checked it was Amazon´s Choice in the computer accessories section and we think it is worth the money. If you were looking for a gift for someone using the laptop or computer very often, you can´t go wrong with the Anker 4-Port Data Hub.

You can have a look at the Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub HERE



Streaming Stick 

Another great product for tech lovers and it’s brought to you by the worlds largest reseller. The Fire TV Stick is simply amazing. I use it every day and usually several times throughout the day. In the morning I tell the remote control to play my favorite radio station on my TV, in the evening I use it while I am researching things. You simply press and hold the Audio button and Alexa starts listening before she gives you the answers to all your questions. And before bedtime, I use the Fire TV Stick to scroll through Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to find a cool movie to watch. Also, you can use it to control your smart-home devices. I did connect my heating system and one lamp to Alexa and I can control it by talking into my Fire TV Stick. How amazing is that? We think the Fire TV Stick is a unique gift for tech lovers and they will be grateful for getting that cool little tech device.

You can have a look at the Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote HERE



Indoor Camera with Night vision 

At the beginning of this year, we got this cam to use for home security.  We didn’t want to go through the hassle of installing a camera outdoors.  We placed the camera in the window (inside) but we positioned this to face our backyard. The quality is really great and the night vision quality is good as well. The cam has the Pan/Tilt/Zoom function so you can move the lens in the direction you want it to be. The cam can also be used as a baby monitor so you know that your baby is safe in its room.  It is a great gift maybe for new parents and also for tech lovers who are also into home security.

You can have a look at the Wyze Cam Pan 1080p HERE




Another great gift for the tech lover comes again, from the tech giant, Amazon. But hey,  they develop great products and they offer great products. We had the chance to have a look at the Fire HD 10 Tablet when our nephews friend schooled us on this device. He compared it to our Apple Ipad to help us get a better idea of the feature and if this was really worth all the hype. If you are not an Apple user and you are looking for a good tablet for a fair price, you can´t go wrong with the Fire HD 10 Tablet. It is very cheap compared with other tablets and it comes along with with a quad-core 1.8GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and either 32 or 64GB of onboard storage, expandable up to 256GB via microSD. That is a lot of quality for less money. If you want to get a tablet for yourself or for a friend, this tablet is a great option.

You can have a look at the Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa HERE



LCD Monitor

Now let´s get a little bit bigger here. We have been talking about some small devices by now but let´s also have a look at this monitor. You may ask the question: Who is using monitors these days? I am using it. Sure I use my laptop a lot during the day but I also like to connect my laptop to a monitor when I want to work on multiscreen. At the office, I have 3 monitors to get the best work experience. That´s not common, I know, but I also know that a monitor can be a nice gift for someone who is working on the computer a lot. For those tech lovers, believe me, they are using monitors. Gamers especially will typically have at least 2 monitors set up. Don’t ask me why they do this, I can’t answer that, but I know they do! This monitor is an affordable price and is of great quality. Plus, giving a monitor as a gift for a tech lover really gives this feeling of “Wow that’s a big gift!”

You can have a look at the Acer UM.WB6AA.A01 21.5-Inch Screen LCD Monitor HERE



BEST Streaming Media Player

Okay, so this one might be my favorite gift for tech lovers on this list. The simplicity of setup and use, in general, makes this a great gift for the ones who are not tech savvy! So what exactly is this? This is your media streaming source that is portable. You just plug the stick into the HDMI outlet on your tv (or hotel tv, any tv) change the input on the tv to that HDMI and you’re ready to go. You can watch live tv through your current cable provider, anywhere where WiFi is available, which is basically everywhere.

I got this for my parents and I did walk them through the set up which is pretty painless. They travel a lot and take it with them wherever they go. It comes preinstalled with some apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu and Fandango NOW. You simply click and sign into your account and its synced with your library and watch lists.

If you haven´t heard of Roku by now, you should have a look at the Roku Website and read about their products. This Media Player is amazing and if you are not an Amazon Fire TV user, maybe Roku is the way for you to go. The Player is very affordable and offers a lot for that little price you are paying. The Roku Media Player is the most user-friendly way to get started in the world of streaming and smart TV. It really offers a lot and we can highly recommend it.

You can have a look at the Roku Express | Easy High Definition (HD) Streaming Media Player HERE



Smart TV

If you don’t have a streaming stick to make your tv smart, then a smart tv is a must for tech lovers of all kinds! Let us have a look at another one of the larger tech products we selected. We are talking about the TCL 55-Inch Ultra HD TV. We call this TV the best deal you can find on the TV market at the moment. It is a great design TV with a stunning HD Quality. It offers good sound, several features, and of course, the smart functionality offers access to thousands of streaming channels featuring more than 500, 000 movies and TV episodes via Roku TV. It is compatible with Google Assistant and also Alexa. There are just too many features to list here, but if a smart tv is something that sounds interesting, you can read more at the link below.

You can have a look at the TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HERE



Ear Hooks and Covers for Apple Airpods

Small but mighty these little guys make our list for Unique Gifts For Tech Lovers. Let me tell you, this little addition is an amazing accessory for your Apple Airpods. I have had the Airpods since they were released a couple of years ago. I liked the idea of them and I have to admit, I am an Apple fan. When I used them I was not really satisfied as they often slipped off my ear during my workouts. After meeting with my nephew’s friend, he did a pretty great sales pitch and I bought some. Now, I wonder how I ever lived without them!  Now I can use my Apple airpods and enjoy them to the fullest. These ear hooks are definitely a unique gift for tech lovers and they made it on our list.

You can have a look at the EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks and Covers HERE



WiFi Range Extender

Do you know the scenario? You are working on your laptop in your living room and the weather is great so you want to continue working outdoors. But what usually happens is that your wifi signal is very low or not there at all. So here is the solution and our last recommendation on our unique gifts for tech lovers list. It is the TP-Link Range Extender. This product is a great choice for extending Wi-Fi to echo/Alexa devices, smart plugs, smart bulbs, The iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPad 4, PlayStation 4 and also your laptop. It is easy to set up and you can place it wherever you like as long as it is close enough to your main wifi source. If you are having wifi signal issues at home, you should get one of these range extenders.  It picks up the current signal and will then extend it further for you. So you wouldn’t want to use this outdoors if you didn’t already have a strong signal there, otherwise, it’s only going to extend the crappy signal and who wants that. So place it somewhere where the signal is still satisfactory and then it will extend that further. It’s really that simple!!

You can have a look at the TP-Link AC750 WiFi Range Extender HERE


We hoped you found something unique and perhaps learned a thing or two. Who knows maybe your tech lover will be impress of your tech knowledge!

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