Okay, ladies listen up!! If you’re anything like me, then I know your makeup bag is the black hole of all black holes. Somehow whatever you put in that bag is near impossible to find when you need it. You could be digging around in it and still never find the black eyeliner you need! Forget about finding the tweezers, the only way that will happen is if you accidentally poke yourself with it.

The solution? No, no you don’t have to downsize or limit your assortment of lip liners! Drumroll, please……

The Sequin Lay and See Makeup Bag

It was years ago when I first came across this product. The bag I purchased was this plain pink bag no sequins or fancy velcro strap to hold it closed. I bought it on a whim, and let me tell you I had no idea the little treasure that I had stumbled upon.

I remember my kids had something similar to this but much larger. We used to keep all their Legos in, closed it up when not using and pull the string to open it. The Legos were all there on this large mat, kind of thing. It’s was brilliant I thought and whoever invented the crossover to the cosmetic purpose is a genius!

This makeup bag makes it extremely easy to lay out all my makeup and one place and see it so clearly. there was no digging around there was no lost lipstick or missing mascara it was so simple. These kinds of things are a really big deal for us makeup loving ladies! Just the time and effort, in general, to put our makeup on can be exhausting with a busy life! Not to mention if you travel often!

I happen to travel a lot and this little bag has changed my life. Sounds dramatic I know, but it’s true! Since coming across this plain pink bag from years ago, they have certainly made some great improvements to the style and functionality.

It was just a few months ago when I found this Sequin Lay and See Makeup Bag. Let me tell you, everyone that has seen me with this bag has asked me where I got. I think at first they think it’s just really cute with sequins and the colors. They don’t realize the true functionality of this bag. So after pulling the cord, my bag opening up to display all my makeup, their jaws drop. This is usually when they say “I have to have that and where can I get it?” Thankfully Unique-Goods.com carries four different colors of this bag. Of course, the mermaid color is my absolute favorite. OKAY-OKAY, I ADMIT, I’M GUILTY I HAVE ALL FOUR STYLES! If that’s a crime then lock me up right now.

To sum it up, I’m all about products that simplify my life and make things easier. This may not be a product that you are losing sleep over at night or dreaming about having an easily accessible makeup bag.

It’s one of those products that after you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

You can view the Sequin Lay and See Makeup Bag here! Happy shopping!