Cooling cups that really work to keep your drink….COOL! 

What is the best gift for wine lovers? So your wine-loving friend invites you to their birthday party. What will you get them for a birthday gift? Well, if you are anything like me, you’ll pick them up a nice bottle of their favorite wine. But, you let me remind you, that you’re not the only one with this amazing idea.  So maybe all the other people on that party had the same idea and also got them, guess what, a bottle of wine. I suppose that won’t really be a problem as there will be lots of wine for everyone to enjoy that evening! But why not be unique? Why not get them something fantastic to go with all that wine?

This time we’re looking for something more unique to give to our friends for their birthday gift. We looked around for some cool wine glasses, bottle coolers, and fancy bottle openers. While we were browsing through the wine online shops, one specific product caught our attention. While the temperature outside is rising, we wanted something more unique and something cooler!

The Host Freeze Cooling Cups which are made to keep your wine cool in your glass instead of cooling the whole bottle. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks in the summer and enjoy the perfectly cooled glass of wine on a hot summer day. Can these cups replace fancy and expensive wine glasses? Let us have a look at this product.


What material are the cups made out of?

The cups are made out of 100% BPA free plastic and are filled with a special proprietary cooling gel. The glasses are also constructed with an insulated silicone band and they are very comfortable to hold. The feel of the material is really good when you take it in your hand. They are well designed and not to heavy. They fit great in a hand and are also easier to use then a regular wine glass which is made out of glass.
Those glasses collect condensation on the outside of the cup so that is why the insulated silicone band comes very handy.


How do you use the cooling wine cups?

There is not much about to say about how to use these wine cups. There are 2 things you have to know. If you are using red wine, put the cups in the refrigerator for some hours before you use them. For at least 2 hours so they can get a good temperature. This will keep the temperature somewhere between 58 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
If you are having some white wine, put the cups into the Freezer for some hours so the gel can freeze and you can enjoy the perfect white wine. This will keep the temperature of your white wine somewhere between 43 to 43 degrees Fahrenheit.  Do not leave the cups in the freezer for too long. It happened that people left the cups in the freezer for days and the cups broke.
And that´s it. Just drop the cups in the fridge or the freezer depending of the kind of wine you will have.


How long do they keep the drinks cool?

The manufacturer claims that these cups keep your drink cold for hours. When we tested those cups we had a nice dinner with friends so we did put them on the table while we started eating and had a glass, or cup, of wine. After we were done eating we sat down in the living room and had a game night and two hours later my cup was still cold or let me say cool. Sure, it was not as cold as it was at the beginning of the night, but it cooled my white wine to a good temperature. So I cannot fully answer how long they stay cool, but I can say that 2 hours after taking my cup out of the freezer, it was still cool but not ice cold.


How to clean the wine cups?

Unfortunately, those cups are not dishwasher safe so you should not put them in your dishwasher. Hand-wash them like you would clean any other cup that is made out of plastic. Just use a regular sponge and some mild dish soap. Please don´t use a scratching brush or metal sponge on the cups as you could harm the material and you do not want any of the cooling gel to leak out.
After cleaning them with hot water please the cups chill for a few until they are back to room temperature before putting them into the freezer again. Otherwise, the glasses could get damaged because of the laws of thermodynamics.


Are the cooling cups sensitive when it comes to handling?

They are user-friendly and also very easy to handle. You can put them on top of each other in your kitchen and when you want to use them, you just stash a couple of them into your fridge and you are good to go. In case you drop a cup on the floor, please check before using them. You should make sure that the cup is not damaged and that none of the cooling gel is leaking out. Keep in mind that the cooling gel is not very healthy and you should not on any circumstances swallow any of the cooling gel.


How good is the Host customer service?

We heard that the customer service of the Host company is very great. So we thought, let us test this and give them some credit here if they really are. So my wife contacted the customer support by email and told them that one of the two cups we bought in the set did break while we had it in the freezer. The customer support did answer within 24 hours and apologized for the inconvenience. They offered us to send us a new pair of cups. Even after my wife explained that it was just one cup that was broken, they still offered to send us a pair. My wife also offered to send them photos of the damaged cup. The customer support said we can send the pictures if we want but that they believed here anyways.
An hour later we got in touch with them again and explained that we were doing a review and that they do not need to send us a new pair of these cups.


Can I use these cooling cups only for wine?

The simple answer is that you can use these cups for every drink you want. I am more a beer guy and i love ice cold beer in the summer. So, no, the cups are not only made for wine. You can use them for every kind of drink that needs to be cooled. I have to admit that i did use it for a Coca Cola on a Sunday family lunch. And yes, my coke had the perfect drinking temperature,



These Host Freeze Cooling Cups are the best gift for wine lovers but can also be a great gift for a beer drinker as well. They can also be used for a variety of other drinks such as soft drinks, juices or margaritas. They keep any drink cool and as long as you handle them properly, they will be great for any dinner party or summer outdoor events. Host has a couple of style of cooling cups that are more specific for the drink such as a margarita cooling cup. So be sure to check them out when you click the link below.


You can have a look at the Host Freeze Cooling Cups HERE.



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