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Why we like this Click and Grow Smart Garden Kit:

We like this product because it’s innovative and makes growing herbs and small veggies virtually impossible to screw up! Let’s face it, growing an organic indoor garden sounds amazing and oh so healthy. But what if you don’t have the outdoor space? What if your thumb is not so green?  If you’re anything like me, the time alone to master the gardening skills is not available! How do all those other people grow an amazing organic garden anyway? Although I still haven’t found the answer to that question, I did, however, find a cool little thing that is one step closer to a greener thumb, takes practically zero time at all, and you don’t have to worry about putting an addition on your house for your organic indoor garden. Keep reading our review and best choice for an indoor garden.

What is the Click and Grow Indoor Garden Kit?

The Click and Grow Smart Garden has everything you need to start an organic indoor garden in your kitchen, living room, heck even your closet!! Because this product comes with essentially a  self-contained little ecosystem. This indoor organic garden kit will enhance the growth of your herbs or plants in a rather quick timeline compared to the traditional methods of seed growing.

The unit comes in a few different sizes although this specific one I’m writing about is for three small plants. There is a water reservoir on the bottom that you fill with water and it will act as a self-watering system. Now, of course, you have to refill the water but that’s basically once every two weeks. For this organic indoor garden, there are three small holes that you place the pods inside. This particular model comes with three basil plant pods. Each pod has a special soil with the seeds already inside. So you just drop the pods in and that’s it. No digging holes, no gardening gloves, no hoses or using bulky pots. There is a light that is mounted on the unit and this light provides all the sunlight your organic indoor garden will need. Which really makes this amazing for growing indoors and anywhere that maybe you have limited sun. What’s really cool is they sell other types of plants that come in a 3 pod package. Likeparsley, lettuce and strawberries!

How is it Unique?

One of the more unique features of this product is the app that goes with the Click and Grow Smart Garden kits. Now, of course, this app cannot water your plants for you, but it will, however, send you reminders to do just that, refill the water reservoir.  There is even a little camera on the unit that will photograph your organic indoor garden and document the growth over a timeline. Plant selfies, how cool is that? You could even create a social media page for your plants! This does kind of make it a “smart garden” doesn’t it? Now, this feature isn’t a big selling point but still, a really neat feature. You can check with the app for other little stats, tips and tricks, it’s rather simple to use and set up to sync.



I have placed my garden in the kitchen area off to the side on a counter that is also visible to the living room. Since I use regularly while I’m cooking, this is most convenient for me.  Every single person that enters my home always asks me what it is and how amazing it smells. Basil and Cilantro are two of my favorite herb scents and flavors. The plants look clean and cared for, not sloppy pots sitting around and in my case, half dead!

Buying organic has become a staple in my house and for many other people too. The next step would be to just grow it, right? What a good feeling I have when I’m just clipping off leaves and using my ingredients fresh while I’m cooking. The difference is 100% in the taste and that’s a fact! I plan to expand to the larger models of the organic indoor garden kits. You don’t really have to have space to have these. You can easily mount a shelf (or two) on your wall and place these gardens right there. Ta~da! Not taking up any floor space, plus they make a really pretty decoration. I mean what’s better than green plants?


Ummmm….everyone!!! But seriously, I really think this is a brilliant gift idea. I could feel great giving this as a gift to someone because I know there is little to no skill required to do this.

Heck, younger and older kids could even get into this garden. I imagine kids would get a kick out of setting this up and watching it grow.  They could check the app on their phones or devices because let’s be real they all have them! Yeah, definitely kids could enjoy this for sure! Just tell them there is an app for it and I’m sure they’ll be all in!

Parents or grandparents! I think they could really enjoy this organic garden. You know how they like to have little things they’re proud of? (Don’t we all??) Imagine them talking about how well their garden is doing and showing everyone photos of their baby plants growth. You may want to be sure you’re prepared to hear about their garden at the holidays if you do give this as a gift! Haha!
Teacher and/or co-workers! The 3 pods organic garden kit is small enough for a desk garden.  You could plant lavender or lemon basil for a more calming and peaceful scent.  Hey, anything that helps bring peace and calmness to a work setting right? Especially if the work setting is a classroom, think…teacher gifts!!!

What’s the cost I can expect to pay for an organic indoor garden?

When it comes to the cost of this garden kit, a $100 might feel a bit steep. However, when I break it down, I see this as a product that is a one-time investment. A product that has multiple benefits and will, in the long run, save me money as I grow my herbs or veggies. Is it going to save me hundreds and hundreds of dollars? No, probably not anytime soon. But it will save me from purchasing the usual organic herbs in the grocery store.  It will also give me that whole “feel good” feeling knowing I’m growing this, I know what’s in it and I know it’s safe for my children.

This Click and Grow Garden is the 3 pod version but there are larger ones for those of you interested in a variety of garden plants. From all the different types of table gardens this brand has got the best reviews, best feedback and the company really seems top notch.

For the Click and Grow Garden that has 9 pods, the price you can expect to pay is $200 which is double the cost of 3 pod size but triple the size.  You’ll have to decide if that cost is worth it for you. Depending on how many people will enjoy the fruits of your ehhh hmmm, labor, you may want a larger garden. Or perhaps just start small and see how you like it. Although, I really can’t think of any reason why anyone would not like this. I guess if you hate vegetables and herbs, then I could see why you wouldn’t like this. Also, using this for flowers are always beautiful as well! Lol! They also have a nice selection of herbs and veggies in the replacement pods for additional purchase. Each set of 3 pods is about $10.

For a fantastic indoor garden solution, the Click and Grow Garden kit is a winner in our books! It’s simplicity and virtually foolproof method of growing herbs and veggies indoor is why we love this! The app is awesome and a nice little bonus making It feel a bit futuristic.  It would make a really unique gift for a favorite teacher, a friend, your parents or grandparents, even something fun for the kiddos to do! I haven’t seen this in any stores around me but here’s a link for the 3 pod model and for 9 pod model.


Click and Grow Smart Garden 3


Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

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